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Team Members


cdc1848-award-1-199x300Carlo DiClemente, Ph.D. is a clinical health psychologist internationally known for his work in health and addictions and the process of behavior change.  He has been involved in training activities for over 30 years and have been working in capacity building in the state of Maryland for the past 8 years.  He has been department chair and is the chair of the oversight committee for the Psychology Department Training, Research and Services Center. Dr. Diclemente teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on addictions and clinical interventions.

Professional-Dave-234x300 David Schultz, Ph.D. is a child clinical psychologist who have worked in the area of early childhood development andparenting and has had extensive training experience training preschool teachers and parents. Dr. Schultz teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in child development, aggression and social development.


Robin Barry, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist whose work focus on partner communication and problems and is currently working on a domestic violence project looking at types of partner communications. Dr. Barry teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on abnormal psychology, experimental design, clinical intervention and marriage and family.


Lynnda Dahlquist, Ph.D. is a pediatric psychologist who works in the area of child health and has research interests in child anxiety and pain management and family reactions to chronic illness. Dr. Dahlquist teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on child and adolescent psychopathology, clinical interviewing and child health.

Evaluation Team


Rebecca Schacht, Ph.D. is the director of the Psychology Training Clinic. Dr. Schacht is implementing the internal evaluation of the MIECHV training program.


Bronwyn Hunter, Ph.D. is a community and clinical psychologist whose work focuses on program development and university-community partnerships to effect change in individual, community and policy settings, with a particular interest in working with women who have been in the criminal justice system. Dr. Hunter teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on community psychology and program evaluation.



June Sutherland, M.S., Project coordinator









Shakira Radcliff,  Assistant Project coordinator

Training Center Specialists 








Elisabeth Groth                           Wendy Pinder                             Alicia Wiprovnic                    Lisa Shanty


           Samantha Bento