Addressing Barriers


Identify stage of change for seeking mental health treatment:

  • Identify their stage of change by using open-ended questions, affirmations, and reflecting change talk 
Check the Stages of Change page under Communications
  • Identify where they are on the readiness ruler 
Check the Readiness Ruler under Tools

If client is in precontemplation and contemplation, try using skills listed in the Communications Tips & Strategies

If client is in preparation or action:

  • Help client identify all of the barriers (e.g., "I want to go to counseling, but who would watch my kids?").
  • Help client generate list of all possible solutions. Don't eliminate any. 
Try not to give solutions, it will be more helpful if your client can generate their own.
  • Help client evaluate each solution (what could happen, both good and bad outcomes).
  • Help client choose the solution that looks best for them.
  • Make an action plan.