The Cultural Sensitivity day within the Training Certificate Program highlights advanced topics in cultural competence to assist home visitors and supervisors in their work with diverse families. Home visitors and supervisors will learn to think broadly about aspects of culture and identity and how culture and identity influence, attitudes, values, beliefs, and practices. Topics discussed are the concepts of implicit and explicit bias and privilege. In this training, home visitors will practice having conversations with families about cultural and identity differences they might have (and supervisors might have with home visitors). Further, this training discusses how cultural identity might influence attitudes toward mental health and behavior management.

Below you will find videos of home visitors and supervisors discussing how culture has influenced their work. You will also find a PDF document of the "Family of Origin" exercise, which can be a useful tool for supervisors and home visitors to conduct to discover their own assumptions and biases about families. The links below contain short lists of information that might be helpful to remember information taught during the training or to prepare for discussion of specific topics with families.