Supervision Coaching


Supervisors of home visitors provide a critical role in ensuring home visitors promote positive parent-child bonds, reflect effectively on their families and work, and do not succumb to stress and burnout. Fulfilling all of these roles effectively, however, remains a challenge for even the most skilled supervisors. To address these challenges, the UMBC Home Visiting Training Center provides a four-month training and coaching program for supervisors. The focus is use of reflective practice, supervising parent-child interactions, setting a supervisory session agenda, and providing feedback.

Training will involve 4-6 supervisors and include two, 3.5-hour online sessions, and coaching will involve six 1-hour-long individual sessions and two 1.5-hour-long group sessions over 3-4 months. Coaching will involve a UMBC coach regularly listening to supervision recordings and meeting with the supervisor to discuss strengths and areas for growth. UMBC coaches have extensive experience in supervision, training, and program management. Research finds that coaching maximizes the chances that information learned in training will be put into practice effectively.