Program Evaluation


Pilot Evaluation

In the winter and spring of 2020-2021 we conducted a pilot of the program with four supervisors. We evaluated the pilot by having supervisors complete online surveys and exit interviews. In general, the supervisors reported positive changes not just in their own supervision skills but also in their home visitors’ skills with families. In response to the statement, “I would recommend this training and coaching to other supervisors,” three of four supervisors “strongly agreed” and the fourth “agreed.” By the end of the program the supervisors also reported increased confidence in their ability to focus home visitors on parent-child interactions and use reflective practice in supervision. They also reported large increases in their use of effective communication skills.


After the pilot program both supervisors and home visitors reported positive impacts of the program, as reflected in the following quotes.

From a supervisor:

“I saw this training had a great impact on my practice. I am more intentional and confident when I find opportunities to explore the FSW's feelings during the supervisions. I can also identify more opportunities to highlight the FSW's efforts in their interventions. This training helped me develop more listening skills and use reflective strategies in a more intentional way.”

From a home visitor:

“I feel less overwhelmed and stressed! I feel like my supervisor is more engaged and is providing more advice on how to manage difficult families on my caseload. [S/he] provides feedback and suggestions when I am struggling.”