Intimate Partner Violence Resources



The following organizations are working to end domestic and intimate partner violence. For information about their efforts and additional resources visit the following websites: 

The National Domestic Violence Hotline - 1-800-799-7233 

Futures without Violence - Includes fact sheets, free hand-outs for clients, training materials and webinars for many different settings and for working with many different populations 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Injury Prevention & Control: Division of Violence Prevention   

Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence - MNADV provides education, training, resources, and advocacy to advance victim safety and abuser accountability. 

Hopeworks -  24-Hour Domestic Violence Helpline located out of Howard County, MD. Offers community engagement activities for those who are victims of intimate partner violence and information on prevention efforts.

For All Seasons - 24-hour Maryland hotline and website resources for mental health assistance, victims of sexual assault, and crisis response for individuals speaking in both English and Spanish.


Circle of 6 - A free app for smart phones (can also be used with non-smart phones) that provides tools to enhance personal safety.  

Tools for Safety Planning

Near end of this PDF, there are many sample questions and tips provided about how to assess for and make plans to enhance safety for women who are in contact with perpetrators of  violence                                                           

The danger assessment: a research-based tool used to help determine women's risk of being killed by a perpetrator. The results are best interpreted by a trained person. 

A family safety plan – for helping kids know how to be safe 

A website all about safety planning