Successful Recovery

Remember, recovery is a marathon, not a sprint! Recovery often occurs over a long period of time, which may involve multiple attempts and/or multiple treatments. This journey to recovery consists of self change, and likely will involve changes in other areas of the individual's physical, social, and psychological life.

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Relapse & Recycling

Often times the journey through recovery may involve slips, lapse, or relapse. 

Slip: one instance of use, not a return to previous patterns of use. 

Lapse: Using a few times, yet not returning to previous patterns of use.

Relapse: Back to using problematically

Recycling: Trying again to get it right. Successful recycling includes persistent efforts, repeated contacts, helping the substance user take the next step, and increasing confidence and motivation. 

Success Stories

Though the journey through addiction can be long and often challenging, it is important to remember that successful recovery is possible. 

Listen to Tiffany Brown talk about her favorite success story working as a supervisor for the department of social services